Avidvape may be an unfamiliar name to most, but surprisingly, Avidvape is the leading manufacturer of many major North American names in disposable devices. Many brands will buy products from Avidvape for cheap and print their brand name on it for an egregious markup.

JZVapes is able to offer the Avidvape family of products for an affordable price by purchasing directly from the manufacturer rather than a secondary supplier. Avidvape’s products, like the Dazzel, offer many innovative features missing in other disposables, like a rechargeable battery and LED lighting.


Incredible flavor. 
Available in many different flavors, with more coming soon.

Ease of use.
Fully charged out of the box and on draw activation. Fits in your palm for convenient use.

Comes with 7mL of e-liquid, offering more capacity than any other disposable products at JZVapes.

Rechargeable Battery
Charge your device over and over again using the MicroUSB cable that comes with the device.

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