CROWN Refillable Empty Pods

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Love the JUUL™, but want more out of it? The CROWN Refillable Empty Pods are the solution! Find your favorite strength, flavor, and liquid brand, and simply fill it into our empty pods, close the cap, and enjoy!
Each box contains four refillable JUUL™ compatible pods ready to be filled.

The CROWN Refillable Empty Pods are not compatible with JUUL C1 devices. Please use these pods using only the JUUL devices on sale on our website that is NON-C1. Ex. Onyx JUUL, regular JUUL, or Starter Kit Juul devices are compatible.

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Key Details

  • 1.0 ml capacity
  • 4x Empty pods included
  • Easy to add liquids, just gently pull the top. (No tools required!)
  • Refillable up to 2-3 times
  • Ceramic core prevents your pod from burning.

About our Premium Empty Pods

CROWN refillable pods are perfect for vaping your favorite e-liquid using a JUUL device. Featuring a 1.0 ml capacity, these pods hold 0.3 ml more liquid than the standard JUUL pod.
They are super easy to use: Remove the cap using pressure, then remove the plastic cover. Fill in your favorite e-liquid into the pod, reattach the cap and the cover, and you are all set. Allow the liquid to soak into the cotton wicks for about 15 minutes before vaping for best results.

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