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How to use the free package lockers located all around Seoul

If you live in Incheon, Seoul, Daegu, Daejeon, Pyeongtaek, and Gimhae, you can use the package lockers provided free of charge by the local government.

Simply use the address of the locker’s location when ordering a package, and the delivery agent will drop off your package at the locker. You will then get a text message from the package locker containing the code to unlock the locker. We’ve linked a helpful map of all Seoul package lockers below.

Helpful information for using public package lockers found in the map above:

Place an order with the locker box address and your Korean cellular number when checking out. (It will not let you ship to a locker box without a Korean cell number. Contact us if you need assistance.) When the package has arrived at the locker box address, the locker box’s automated system will send your phone a text message and tell you which locker box number your package is in and the passcode to open the locker box.

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