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Fake Disposable Vape: Tips on how to identify them

As the vaping industry in Korea is growing each year, more and more people are making the switch to vaping. The amount of innovative vaping products is also increasing to provide users the best vaping experience possible.  Unfortunately, there are some who see this as a chance to take advantage of users by selling market counterfeits and fake products.

Fake vape products are very easy to produce and distribute. Product packaging and empty cartridges can be bought in bulk, and manufacturers can put almost anything in these cartridges. More often, they would knock off high profile vape brands such as: JUUL, Puff Bar, Geek Bar, Elf Bar etc.

Tips on how to spot fake disposable vapes:

1.  Look at the serial numbers or QR codes

One of the best ways to know if your vape is genuine is by looking at your vape box packaging, most of the vape brand have a serial number that allows you to check the serial number’s legitimacy on their website. If not, you may look out for hologram sticker, micro text and an anti-counterfeiting pattern, you can simply scan the QR code and you’ll know there and then whether you’ve got the real deal.

2. Purchase from trusted stores.

Ensuring that you only buy from reputable companies for both online and offline that are compliant with industry standards is a great way to be on the safe side. One good way to spot is when the price is too good to be true, although companies do vary pricing to be competitive, but if the selling price is way below the market price, you should certainly be questioning why.

At JZVapes, we have built a reputation as a trusted and reliable source for high-quality vapes and e-cigarettes. Founded in 2019, we have been in operation for over 2 years now, and have established ourselves as a legitimate licensed wholesaler of top brands such as Allo, Vgod, Elfbar, Puffbar, and Juul.

We pride ourselves on sourcing our products directly from factories in Canada and the US. We do not purchase from third-party dealers, ensuring that our customers receive genuine, high-quality products. As a verified wholesaler in Canada, we follow Canadian laws when selling our products in Korea, ensuring that our customers can trust that they are getting the genuine products.

3. Checking directly with the brand/manufacturer

If you are still unsure the vape kit you have is a fake, then do not vape it until you are sure it is safe. The best way to check is to get in touch with the manufacturer of the product, be sure to source the contact details from the brand’s legitimate website and try to contact the brand or manufacturer directly to check that the product you have is legitimate.

We hope the tips above could help you, while it’s not always easy to spot a counterfeit product, it is possible. But before having to doubt your purchased vape, the best and most reliable way to prevent getting fake vape is by ordering from a trustworthy supplier and seller.